Flag Football Soup-A-Stars

Whenever I tell someone I play flag football, they are a bit shocked. I am lanky and awkward and clumsy and uncoordinated. But I love team sports.


My Soup-a-Star Team!

Team sports has the magic of bringing people together you would never think to bring together. To be honest, I am unsure if my teammates and I would be friends if we have met outside the context of our team. I am super nerdy, and my teammates are super cool. The majority of them are younger, party harder, and hipper than me (You know how hip a person if if they still use the word “hip”.). Continue reading


Overlooking California: Superbloom in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park!


Desert sunflower fields at Henderson Canyon Road

Without a doubt, there is nothing as awe-inspiring or recharging as nature. This past weekend, my friends and I went camping at the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Somehow, I managed to snag a camping spot despite its growing popularity for the superbloom. The immense amount of rain this past year brought us wildflowers galore to enjoy in the spring. The wildflowers definitely did not disappoint! Continue reading

The Power of Astrology


Thanks for the photo, Google. 

I wouldn’t say I’m a superstitious person, but I wouldn’t say I’m a complete non-believer either. I don’t know if I’m more attentive or what, but I’m starting to notice how some people are very strong believers in astrology. For example, at work today, I overheard someone saying that a woman’s characteristics of trying to mediate and balance things is due to her Libra scale tendencies.

That first section was written over 4 years ago! I’ve been going through another period of writer’s block, so I’m trying to go through my past drafts for inspiration. Now here’s my attempt to complete this post – Continue reading

Amsterdam: An Unexpected Love Affair


I had never considered visiting Amsterdam. I don’t know why, but it was never on my radar. It was my friend’s lifetime dream to go, so being the amazing friend that I am, I agreed to add it to our itinerary.

And I fell completely and utterly in love with the city – its diversity, its openness, the architecture, the canals, the waffles, the fries with mayo, the cheese…(gosh darn it, stop thinking about the food and focus Cindy!)  Continue reading