Cali Lovin’: Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

After leaving Pinnacles National Park, we headed towards Point Lobos.

Point Lobos (located in Monterey County) is an excellent place for nature lovers who want to relax with a nice stroll. The trails are mostly flat and easy to walk. They also have trails which are ADA accessible. As it is by the water, it was much cooler than Pinnacles, even a bit chilly at times.


A mini-beach to frolic in at the reserve.

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Cali Lovin’: Pinnacles National Park

Over the Fourth of July weekend, my friends and I explored some of the lovely nature that California had to offer.


Bear Gulch Reservoir

The first stop on our trip was to Pinnacles National Park. Pinnacles National Park is one of the less well-known national parks located in Central California. It was established as a national monument by President Teddy Roosevelt in 1908 and signed into law as a national park by President Obama in 2013. It is also known for its efforts to protect and conserve the California condor population, although we sadly didn’t spot one.  Continue reading

5 Books that Shape My Life


Literacy for the win! Photo credit: Yvonne

When I was a kid, I always got in trouble…for reading books way past my bedtime. (Major nerd alert!) I would go the restroom, pretend I had a really bad stomachache, and then read on the toilet. The toilet tank would be my bookshelf, and the next morning, my mom would yell at me for leaving my novels all over the restroom. Continue reading

The Magic First Date Formula


Romantic date with one of my closest buddies! Photo courtesy of the other Cindy.

I have gone on more first dates than I would like to admit – too many to even remember the first names of everyone. This must be true based on the numbers of times I have unexpectedly bumped into a former date in the most random places. At a boba shop in Orange County. In Grand Central Market. At an Asian-American comedy show in Hollywood. At a film festival where I was volunteering. Continue reading

Flag Football Soup-A-Stars

Whenever I tell someone I play flag football, they are a bit shocked. I am lanky and awkward and clumsy and uncoordinated. But I love team sports.


My Soup-a-Star Team!

Team sports has the magic of bringing people together you would never think to bring together. To be honest, I am unsure if my teammates and I would be friends if we have met outside the context of our team. I am super nerdy, and my teammates are super cool. The majority of them are younger, party harder, and hipper than me (You know how hip a person if if they still use the word “hip”.). Continue reading