Happy National Siblings Day!

To my amazing siblings, Ana and Billy –


Even the supermarket can be fun with the right people!

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Home for the Holidays


Our family Christmas back in the day. My sister and I are engulfed in our holiday dresses!

One of the best things about coming home for the holidays is the constant reminder from Mama Le that I am single. (Please note that that sentence is dripping with sarcasm.) I know, I know, I should be more patient with my dear mother. My mom is itching for her children to get married, so she can have grandkids to spoil.

However, my siblings and I are quite far from that point in our lives. We are still just figuring out life – traveling, learning to cook, maintaining friendships, navigating relationships (although I guess no one ever really quite figures out life). Anyway, here are a few ways my mom reminded me of my singledom this holiday season.  Continue reading

Prompt #3: What Were Your Favorite Picture Books When You Were Little?

Alright, I must admit, not ALL of these books are from my childhood. Rather, this is a list of some of my favorite picture books period. I read some of these books as I got a little older – this is what happens when you teach/work at a library/volunteer with kids…you read tons of children’s books that make your heart flutter just a bit (and make you cry as a grown woman!). Anyway, onto the list:  Continue reading

Mom Throws in the Towel

(This post is a draft that I am frantically trying to publish before midnight to keep with my goals of at least one post per month.)

After my numerous blogs about my mom’s interest in my love life, I am sure you are all well aware of how much my mom worries about my love life. Nonstop, it’s “When will I get grandkids?” and “You need to cook if you want to keep a man,” and “A lady wears makeup and new clothes.” [insert intense eye-rolling here]

However, she seems to have given up lately. Distance between comments are now a lot wider. Conversations now center more on travel, work, eating, and my friends. Things that are currently much more meaningful in my life.

Here’s four ways I’m pretty sure my mom has lost all hope.

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Karaoke Parties with Drunk Vietnamese Uncles

Karaoke is an essential element of any good Vietnamese party. Karaoke and tons of alcohol. Growing up, after a few beers, my uncles without a doubt would bust out the karaoke machine. Every fun-loving Vietnamese/Vietnamese-American family has a karaoke machine. Even I have one, although ours is sadly no longer in commission.

*This song is a family favorite amongst my female cousins and I. Like most Vietnamese songs, it’s a heartbroken woman singing about her no-good, unfaithful lover. I honestly have no idea why we love this song so much, since we were all too young to relate to it…I hope. 

Karaoke has the power to bring people together like no other. Once you’ve seen that side of someone, you can no longer un-see it. What song did they choose? Did they go solo or partake in a duet? Who did they choose for their duet partner? How much did they drink before they dared to grab the mic? All of these questions bring deep insight into someone’s soul.  Continue reading

Bruisy Knees

Trời ơi Cindy! What happened to your toe?” My mom pressed down on my big purple toe and asked if it hurts.

“Mom! Of course it hurts if you push it like that,” I replied. I honestly can’t remember how I stubbed it. I try to rack up a moment that can correspond to it, but there’s just too many possibilities.

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