Memories of Southeast Asia


Hong Kong & Macau: “Yam Sing” and Pineapple Buns


Victoria Bay? Harbour? I could never remember… Photo credit: Jeffrey

Our last destination on our trip was Hong Kong and Macau. I came to Hong Kong with high hopes based on my experience watching TVB dramas growing up. I was dreaming of dim sum, milk tea, and an attractive TVB actor falling madly in love with me. Unfortunately, the last part never came true… Continue reading

Vietnam: “Do” and Pork Patty Noodles


Side note: Writing really is food for my soul. Blogging again has brought back a joy and satisfaction that I kinda forgot is such an integral part of me. 

After Thailand and Cambodia, my friends and I traveled to Vietnam. I think of all the countries we visited, Vietnam somehow felt a little extra special to me. Vietnam is where my mom grew up, and by visiting there, I kinda felt like I got a little insight into her world. So without further ado, here’s Vietnam! Continue reading

Karaoke Parties with Drunk Vietnamese Uncles

Karaoke is an essential element of any good Vietnamese party. Karaoke and tons of alcohol. Growing up, after a few beers, my uncles without a doubt would bust out the karaoke machine. Every fun-loving Vietnamese/Vietnamese-American family has a karaoke machine. Even I have one, although ours is sadly no longer in commission.

*This song is a family favorite amongst my female cousins and I. Like most Vietnamese songs, it’s a heartbroken woman singing about her no-good, unfaithful lover. I honestly have no idea why we love this song so much, since we were all too young to relate to it…I hope. 

Karaoke has the power to bring people together like no other. Once you’ve seen that side of someone, you can no longer un-see it. What song did they choose? Did they go solo or partake in a duet? Who did they choose for their duet partner? How much did they drink before they dared to grab the mic? All of these questions bring deep insight into someone’s soul.  Continue reading

Thailand: “Chon” and Pork Blood Soup


Bangkok at Night. Photo credit: Jeffrey.

Today, I read the travel blog of a friend (well, boss’s wife…does she count as my friend?), which inspired me to get my act together to start writing about my Southeast Asia trip before I forget all of the details. I kept making excuses like”waiting to get more pictures” and “waiting until I can really digest and reflect on the trip.” Well, we all know that’s really my laziness settling in and then I’ll never write about my trip (like I never wrote about the UK, France, or Hawaii…).

So, instead of making excuses, here’s the words I managed to put together about Thailand, which honestly feels like a faraway dream now. Hopefully, I’ll find a way to write down all the stories of my adventures…but before then, here’s a quick overview of my trip. (This quick overview ended up taking me hours to write…) Continue reading