Korean Music for Non-K-pop Lovers

Korean pop is spreading worldwide, especially with Psy’s Gangnam Style taking the world by storm. And you either hate it or love it. For those who can’t stand to hear pretty boys sing anymore, don’t write off Korean music just yet. Here is some Korean music recs for those of you who just can’t get into the K-pop craze.

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Bite Sized–Time for Goodbyes: July 25th—July 31st

It’s the end of an amazing adventure! I can’t believe I didn’t finish this until now. My memory is a little hazy, so the dates and events are a bit mumbled jumbled. And the post lacks details.

Final lunch: My mentor teachers and co-teachers came to help me with closing my bank account and settling my last bills. We had some BBQ duck afterwards. Yum yum!

Final dinner: One of my current mentor teachers and the past mentor teacher treated me to the best Italian meal I had in Korea. And the restaurant was right by my house too! Argh…if only I discovered you earlier.

Cleaning up: Due to my slacking on packing, I had to stay up the whole night before packing and cleaning the apartment. Here are some things I re-discovered about myself. I lose a lot, I mean A LOT, of hair. My mom refers to my hair as fur. I’m also a pack rat.

Statue of brothers fighting on opposite sides reuniting.

War Museum: I personally hate war and violence and stuff. I thought this museum would be a very touching experience (and there were touching moments), but I felt like it was more of a showing off of it’s military capabilities.

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Bite Sized: Jeju Special–Part 2: July 23rd–July 24th

Welcome to Part 2 of the Jeju special. Thank you for coming back!

July 23rd


Mt. Halla: We tried to get an early start to hike Hallasan, but unfortunately, the buses here only ran every hour. We went up the Eorimok Trail and down the Yeongsil Trail. It pretty much took up most of the day, but the scenery was well worth the trek. It was so sunny though, I actually got the first sunburn of my life here.

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Bite Sized: Jeju Special–Part 1: July 21st–July 24nd

For my work vacation, my friend and I went to Jeju, the Hawaii of Korea. It’s much cheaper than traveling to other countries and it’s a nice break from life on the mainland. We stayed at Jeju Hiking Inn. (DO NOT GO THERE! It’s cheap, but you have a curfew and the owner is a bit grumpy.)

July 21st

Cheonjiyeon Waterfalls

Cheonjiyeon waterfalls: Our hostel overlooked these waterfalls, so we visited here the first night we arrived. Just a simple, beautiful waterfall with a park-like area leading up to it.

July 22nd

Manjang Cave

Manjang Cave: Manjang Cave is formed by a lava flow. It was one of my favorite locations in Jeju for the mere fact that the temperature here was much cooler than the hot and humid temperature outside.

Haenyeo Museum: This is a museum dedicated to the women divers of Jeju island. They are amazing women who dive for seafood to support their families. After the museum, we were told that we can see the women in action at Sunrise Peak.

Sunrise Peak

Sunrise Peak: We hiked up Sunrise Peak while waiting to watch the women divers. It is a fairly easy hike up and an even easier hike down. I think it took us less than an hour altogether.


Haenyeo (Women Divers): The women divers are cute Korean grandmas who dive to support their families. In this little performance, the women sing their working song and proceed to the water. They come back after catching some seafood.

That concludes part one of my tropical getaway. Stay tuned for part 2!

Bite Sized: July 16th—July 20th

The jewelry box my co-workers gave me. Aren’t they sweet?

I’ve been slacking on my entries these last few weeks due to getting ready to go home. My memory is a bit vague about what happened, but here’s my best shot.

Dinner with friend

I had a last dinner with a friend. It was supposed to be a group thing, but one of our friends disappeared without a word. Turns out she was busy with her work. We ate samgypseol and just talked talked talked awkwardly in English. It’s sad we didn’t get to know each other better.

Last hweshik

Our school had a last final meal together. It was awesome, because we went to a very posh wedding buffet close to my home. It was amazingly delicious! It had every single Korean and Japanese food I could possibly want to eat. I think I had five plates of heaven…

Lunch with co-workers

The last day of school was a half day, so some co-workers and I had a Korean set meal afterschool. It was so much food!

Songdo beach

We had coffee over the beach after lunch. My co-worker told me that it was a good beach to pick up guys. I assured them that “namchachingu mani isseoyo.” My sweet co-workers surprised me with a Korean jewelry box with the image of Gwangali Bridge. Yes, the waterworks started. I wonder why a jewelry box. I never wear jewelry. Is it a hint that I should?

Songjeong Beach

I had a friend come over Friday, so we went to Songjeong Beach, the only beach I haven’t been to in Busan. The area surrounding the beach is a bit of a surprise. It doesn’t seem like a beach area at all.

This entry has been mostly a food entry, so to compliment it, here’s a food song.

A Korean Drama Vs. Cindy’s Life

An image from the Korean drama, “Full House.” Filled with the cliche K-drama fluff. I couldn’t go past the first episode, but it’s quite popular. Image property of KBS.

I’m not a delusional girl. I knew that when I came to Korea, my life would not be a Korean drama. My friends had high hopes for me, telling me to get some Korean flings. Although I am having an amazing time in Korea, my life is quite far from a Korean drama. Here’s my drama in five acts:

Love Rain from KBS

Act 1

  • Korean drama scenario: The protagonist is walking in the rain. The second lead comes and brings her an umbrella while the first lead is watching from afar, realizing he came too late. Second lead then nurses the cold she received from being in the rain for a whole three seconds.
  • Cindy’s drama scenario: The protagonist is walking home in the pouring rain. Tons of guys walk by with umbrellas, some even laughing at her as she is completely wet in a tank top and shorts.
  • Cindy’s sitcom scenario: An old halpoji covers her with an umbrella as they cross the street. He proceeds to talk to her in a language she does not understand. She just smiles and nods and thinks about how awesome old people are compared to people her own age.

How I look like in a Korean changing room.

Act 2

  • Korean drama scenario: The protagonist manages to wear a new outfit every single day despite being penniless.
  • Cindy’s drama scenario: The protagonist is excited to find clothes that fit.

At least I also learn to cook a little during the eating process. Keke!

Act 3

  • Korean drama scenario: When the protagonist eats “a lot,” the male lead thinks she is cute for eating like a normal person.
  • Cindy’s drama scenario: When she eats, her co-worker tells her is is fat. In class later that day, her students ask her when her baby is coming.

You’re Beautiful from SBS
Despite the amount of times I have fallen, I have never fallen like this. But the dramas make it seem so common! Darn it!

Act 4

  • Korean drama scenario: When the protagonist falls, the male lead tries to catch her and they end up in a lip lock.
  • Cindy’s drama scenario: When she falls, the Koreans just stare and walk past, not even asking if she was okay.
  • Cindy’s sitcom scenario: A halmoni helps her up to the next subway transfer while yelling at the girl that rammed into Cindy. Once again, old people are awesome.

Why do I never look that cute when I say “oppa”?

Act 5

  • Korean drama scenario: When the protagonist calls the male lead “oppa,” he will give up his life for her.
  • Cindy’s drama scenario: When she calls a male “oppa,” he threatens to raise the price of the product she wants to buy.

Sorry friends. I don’t have a Korean boy toy to show off to you. I do have tons of awkwardly funny stories (which are always better in my opinion!).

Theme song for my drama:

Kekekeke, kidding! How can I be lonely when I have you? 😉

All images are googled. Whoot whoot!

Bite Sized: July 2nd—July 8th

Look at the cool LED ceiling! It’s the sea!

Week of goodbyes and promises of reunions.

Visited Nampo-dong for some shopping with my co-teacher. Found out prices for some things and ate amazing fresh tofu bibimbap. One of the best bibimbap I have eaten so far! Eww…I’m drooling thinking about it.

Yeosu goodbye ceremony. For those who are leaving TaLK, we had a goodbye ceremony in Gwangju. On Thursday, we went to Yeosu. Saw some different exhibits but nothing popped out to me.

We also had a K-pop performance of 2PM and missA. I only know one song from each of them, but I can now say I watched a K-pop concert in Korea and get my friends wildly jealous!

After the TaLK goodbye ceremony, us Busan people had to rush to our placement goodbye ceremony. We all had to perform a talent, and I did quite terribly at playing uke and singing. At least my co-teacher was there performing with me and my mentor teacher was cheering us on. Everyone was quite talented though!

Took Ems and Cola to Gyeongju. It wasn’t well planned at first, so we wasted lots of time. We got the hang out it later on and got to see lots of cool stuff! Visited all of the places I previously visited in the other entry as well as the Five Tombs Park.

We went to Haeundae at night. Had a nice time just watching the waves and reflecting. Eating ice cream and drinking cocoa.

Stayed at Vesta jimjibang afterwards. The view from here is beautiful. It was quite crowded so we slept outside on the roof. It was really cold when we woke up. We didn’t get to see the sunrise since it was too cloudy.

We went to Haeundae to splash around in the water before heading to the trick art museum.

Trick Art Musuem was pretty cool. Took tons of funny pictures, but it became pretty exhausting in the end.

In honor of my first (and most likely only) K-pop concert, here’s the only songs I know from 2PM and missA.