Cali Lovin’: Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

After leaving Pinnacles National Park, we headed towards Point Lobos.

Point Lobos (located in Monterey County) is an excellent place for nature lovers who want to relax with a nice stroll. The trails are mostly flat and easy to walk. They also have trails which are ADA accessible. As it is by the water, it was much cooler than Pinnacles, even a bit chilly at times.


A mini-beach to frolic in at the reserve.

When we first arrived, we struggled a bit with finding parking for both cars. Not to say that it is impossible, just to note that it may be a bit crowded, especially during summer weekends. Once we did park, we were ready to explore. With the suggestions from a park ranger, we decided to explore Cypress Grove Trail and Bird Island Trail. Both had breathtaking views that took away our worries with the breeze.

Cypress Grove Trail (0.8 miles roundtrip) was surrounded by windy cypress branches of brown and orange. Along the route, there were scenic stops that looked out into the ocean. We were even able to spot some adorable sea otters!

Bird Island Trail (0.8 miles roundtrip) led us to a teeny island where hundreds and hundreds of sea birds were hanging out. Along the way, we spotted China Cove with stunning green and blue waters. They was even a small beach where people can wade in, but unfortunately we were unprepared. Next time!

Point Lobos is a secret gem of California. You feel like you are on a tropical getaway with its views. Highly recommend for a day trip!

Additionally, I have just discovered that WordPress has different ways of displaying photos. Below is me playing around with the different settings.


Has this post convinced you to go on a visit to Point Lobos? If so, let me know how you enjoyed it!


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