Cali Lovin’: Sandstone Peak

As I am struggling with words lately, here is a post in photos of a recent hike at Sandstone Peak located in Malibu, California.



My amazing hiking buddies!



With encouragement from my friends, I am trying to take more pictures to add value to my posts rather than being text heavy. Hope you enjoy as I try to tackle this new endeavor! Any comments or suggestions are welcomed.


4 thoughts on “Cali Lovin’: Sandstone Peak

  1. Buckie says:

    Hi Trish! Nice to &#02&8;meet2#8221; you I’m very familiar with Green Acres! My fiance Matt and I live out south at the moment, so Whole Foods and TJ’s are our usuals, but when we move further north in a couple months, Green Acres is likely to become one of our regular grocery stores. Stop me and say hi if/when you see me there! They’ll be carrying when it comes out in March, right? If so, maybe I should hold a book signing there!Raw desserts are where it’s at! May I suggest my famous and ?


  2. Lyvly Bee says:

    I plan on coming here during the long weekend. I am super excited 🙂 Do you have any tips for my upcoming trip?


      • Kourtney says:

        Ta Bunito, ver o Timão jogar !!Time unido, com garra, com peças de reposição a altura. Digno de estar no topo.28 pontos ganhos, de 30 disputados, isso é uma marca incrível. Mas como o Senhor falo Dr. tem muito chão pela frente, muito ”pano pra manga”.os Anti Corinthianos, podem se esperniar, mas quietinhos, sem falar nada. Bom devem torcer também, para quando nos enfrentar, não levar um ࢣsaco․ de gols, como um time, levou esses dias!Concarda Dr? rssvai Corinthians!!!


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