This project is a struggle for me, but eventually I will get to 100. And instead of being #THE100DAYPROJECT, it’s more of an #THE100POSTPROJECT haha.


View from Angel’s Landing

For Memorial Day weekend, I went to the Grand Canyon (North Rim), Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and Zion with my Tin Cook girlfriends. Despite the struggle it took us to get to Angel’s Landing, the five of us all made it! My friend Cindy googled it, and apparently, it is named “Angel’s Landing” because only angels could land on it. Guess we are all bonafide angels now!


Literary Dinner Party

If I were to have a dinner party with my favorite writers, I would invite the following literary geniuses for a night of wine, cheese, and fighting the patriarchy.

  1. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Within the span of a chapter, Adichie can make me collapse on the floor from laughter and then cry until there is no more water left inside of me.
  2. J.K. Rowling: Rowling has expanded my imagination and sense of adventure as well as taught me that there’s nothing wrong with being nice. Puffs!
  3. Charlotte Brontë: The uncompromising feminist who taught me to put myself first.
  4. Toni Morrison: Other than my mother, no one has hit punched my heart like Morrison. And we haven’t even met.

Who would you invite to your literary dinner party?




I lasted 3 days for #THE100DAYPROJECT…but I am ready to continue. Here’s a photo I took from the view from Moro Rock.  It was my first trip to Sequoia with two of my good friends, Stephanie and Kate. After huffing and puffing for 350 rough steps, we were rewarded with amazing views!